How we experienced mysterious bugs and fixed them

How we experienced mysterious bugs and fixed them

How we experienced mysterious bugs and fixed them

Which is whenever the good old QA people stumbled on you once again with a rather sad face and stated, aˆ?You understand what, you’ve got some extremely odd activities occurring.aˆ?

We exercised precisely why. Whenever after a common website link and initiating an application, listed here option starred in the best right-hand place from the display screen:

And that key really does a few things. Firstly, they starts Safari. Subsequently, they aˆ?breaks’ deep website links forever to suit your application!

But, in so far as I can keep in mind, maybe not a single person actually ever did that. They just existed without deep links your application from that point forwards. And there’s absolutely nothing your, as a developer, is capable of doing. The only aim obtainable was: never reach this option yourself.

Fortunately, within the countless knowledge finally the autumn months, Apple provided united states an excellent present and removed this option from apple’s ios 11.

And today the only way to aˆ?unbreak’ the deep website links is always to long-tap the web link, to click aˆ?open in Badoo’, right after which every little thing is guaranteed to work fine again

But should you support iOS 9 and 10, remember about this button. And, in the event you supporting apple’s ios 9, remember that apple-app-site-association really should not be disallowed to robots in robots.txt . That’s another strange insect we’ve spent a significant amount of opportunity on. Listed here is the list:

We’d already produced most agonizing problems. Right after which a new element generated united states generate some more.

The theory is very simple. You adopt someone’s image along with your cellphone’s camera or make use of a current picture and we’ll see group on all of our services whom resemble that individual. You can look for stars, family and/or on your own, interested in your doppelgangers. Good plan, best for marketing and advertising.

It had been so great our executives mentioned that we had to change all of our approach for which feature especially. The prevailing any appeared to be this:

We were truly eager that, when our very own consumers discuss lookalikes together, the recipients can easily see them. Whatever happens, nothing should substitute the way in which of this. Very, if the given software is not set up, we no further deliver these to the software shop; we just open this content on cellular web. The new strategy appeared as if this:

That didn’t look like a great deal at first. We state, aˆ?Right, if the target provides another page id, we shall make use of that to redirect to cellular web.aˆ?:

It wasn’t stressful; we implemented and analyzed it in a few days. But after that we realised this are a unique usability that individuals got never really had inside our software before.

And this means even when a software was setup, it ‘s stilln’t certain that we need to start they. Actually the strategy will want to look a lot more like this:

On some systems (merely on some) for whatever reason, worldwide backlinks inside our software would not operate

If an app is installed, you’ll want to test whether or not it supporting the new features. And just if this supports the brand new features, in case you opened the information for the software. Normally, you will want to lead to your cellular web.

By the time we launched the feature, it actually was limited cosplay dating review on the net, but we wanted to take it to all or any programs progressively. Hence delivers you into the topic of versioning backlinks. Particularly, versioning of minified links.

Again, ideally everything is very simple. We a classic version and a version. The idea is the fact that the outdated type merely opens /u paths, and new version opens up /u routes and, let’s imagine, /l/a routes from aˆ?lookalikes’.


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