uDates Review: How it Will benefit you?

uDates Review: How it Will benefit you?

 uDates Review: How it Will benefit you?

uDates is a more recent dating app that lets users to connect with potential matchmakers around the world. Its simple design and algorithm will allow you to make connections quickly.

Since many people wanted to know whether this is among the common online dating platforms or a scam we’ve set out to make sure you are safe and let you know what the fuss is all about!

If you’re looking to find out more about the uDates dating app and find out if it’s a suitable dating option for you or not, ensure you check out our review.


It will provide you with valuable details about other users, which will show you whether the two of you could be a good match or not; one of the first things you learn about your fellow users is what are their interests and hobbies in their free time.

It’s not necessary to call someone however, you could save their profile as your Favorites folder and check back later when you’re interested in chatting.

Everyone will be able to find out the last time other user was through the platform, meaning there’s no need to record any notes or screenshots to see whether this person has stopped talking to you All you have to do is click on the chat box and check their latest login information.Join Us udates website

The search filter is also quite good, and it will allow you to choose particular traits and interests that you would like to see in your partner. It will eliminate any people who don’t share your interests instantly – and you can put your preferences into a list.

uDate.com provides you with the capability to track who has visited your profile which is always an interesting feature that can help you identify who is on dating sites and may be interested in your profile.

The chat feature is unlimited texts. This can ensure that the whole connection process is significantly faster. If you’re a novice make sure you make the most out of it.


uDates is user-friendly, however their dating app is known to bug a lot, so should you read an account review on the site, you have likely come across people who have issues with their chat feature.

uDates also doesn’t have as many active users, meaning it is not nearly as popular with users as Tinder or Bumble however, you won’t find hundreds of matches every day.

It’s also not popular globally, which means that the majority of its users reside in the USA, usually in bigger parts and cities of it making it not a good choice for those living in smaller areas.

There’s also not many details about its success rate, so if would rather not spend money on a monthly service without knowing whether you’ll discover a match or not that’s why you should avoid uDates.

One disadvantage of UDates is that it requires you to pay for the basis of a monthly subscription, so for an online platform with millions of users worldwide, it isn’t the best method of investing your money.


uDates is mostly an app to hookup, which is why its user base is young, usually from 20-30 years old.

Even though it was targeted at a broader audience, younger people were the ones who were the ones to bring it fame that led to an increase in people who are younger, and which ultimately led to the dominance of the platform.

The majority of users are living in the USA and that is a bad dating choice for people in other countries.

However, even those in the USA won’t have a lot of luck , as the website doesn’t have many active users and those that are mostly in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles or Chicago so it’s not the most ideal choice for dating locals, particularly for those who have a particular priorities you’d like your partner to meet.

Who Is It For

Most people want to know whether uDates functions as a hookup app, and the conclusion is a resounding yes.

Although it was intended towards an older demographic and its users were thought to be the ones seeking genuine romantic love (like eHarmony or Tinder) which could search the user base with easy to use search filters, the truth is that this particular users didn’t even join the platform.

Their main goal was to make a profit, but it ended up being quite unsuccessful and the users who created dating profiles were typically in search of a one-night fling, which made this app an ideal place to hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

However, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing searching for the right partner; you only need to do your research to find the one you’re looking for.

UDates In Numbers

uDates.com isn’t very transparent with regards to its business practices, which is a major reason people believe it to be a fraudulent website.

It’s impossible to locate any official information about the users of the platform, or even the number of active users which causes people to be suspicious and pushes them off of this site.

Also, they don’t give any information regarding their success rate This makes the platform an absolute waste of time because you’ll have a several options that could guarantee your success.

The only number you can learn about uDates is the one related to their prices which is almost all you need to know, which could lead people to think about the scam of uDate.

Ease Of Use

uDates is very user-friendly, and its application is among the most accessible dating apps that you encounter, particularly in the event that you’ve tried other dating apps with hundreds of different options.

When it comes to UDates, you’ll be able to access every feature or option to use on your home page, and if already have a registered account, there is a complete instruction on what to do and how to activate one of their options.

Your profile update is fairly easy. All you need to do is to click on specific areas that you want to update and correct so that you are able to input new information, or upload new profile pics.

Sending match requests is also easy, and all you need be able to do is open the profile of the individual you’re interested in and they’ll receive an email from you.

The platform is simple to use, whether you’re seeking a date through their own Google Play app or the website.

Good Quality Of Dating Profiles

The quality of dating profiles on uDates isn’t the greatest, and users are not allowed to upload too many details about themselves. This makes profiles that don’t offer much.

They’re pretty basic that are similar to the profiles of dating on the majority of social media platforms, and you won’t be able to discover how much you know about someone until you’ve exchanged an email or two with them.

If you upload your uDates dating profile in full, all you will be able to share is your age, location, name, and a short description which shouldn’t exceed 140 characters.

It’s not enough for a site that hopes to become the site for serious relationships; that’s because it’s difficult to learn anything about a person , other than their appearance, and the name of their profile is.

Many dating apps provide an extra space for introduction and description. So, until you’ve made contact with someone, you shouldn’t put too much faith in the details on the profile.

The majority of dating profiles are of poor quality, and are akin to Instagram bios , where you’re constrained in the types of things you are allowed to share. This can be a negative thing for the dating app.

Another thing you must be on guard for is fake profiles , or bots, as some claim that the majority of them are attempting to trick people to spend more time and funds on the platform.

This is probably the reason dating profiles were created like such in the first place. Therefore, ensure you’re protected from any fake profiles or scammers.

Pay attention to the dating profiles who keep messaging or looking you up because there is a chance that you could even get a text from a bot.


uDates has a dating app that’s available in the Google Play store, and it’s the only spot you should download it; the process of downloading uDates is pretty easy because you don’t need to grant the permissions it needs.

However, the app does not come with the greatest features but, while it’s user-friendly, you will experience some troubles with it, like the chat function not working all the time or your phone simply freezing while you’re trying to navigate your home page, so it is probably the best option to use uDates through their official website.

Overall, the app is good but there are a few issues that haven’t had a solution for a while.

The platform is available as an app on Apple App Store, even though it was there before.

How To Find Matches

The search for matches on uDates is not difficult and takes only a few steps.

When you make the decision to join the platform, shortly after creating your dating profiles you’ll be required to complete a brief questionnaire to adjust your search filters.

It is here that you combine all the features and traits you desire to discover in a new partner in turn leading to the algorithm that will connect you with those who meet the description.

Be sure to be precise in this aspect because you’ll never be able change your choices in the future.

It is also necessary to sort your choices from the most crucial to the least essential take a second to think about it.

After you have completed this procedure, you’ll see recommended people on your homepage and you will not be able to do too much looking around because the sole individuals you’ll be able to reach are the ones that are suggested by the platform.

There aren’t any search bars for meeting new people, which means your connection to potential partners is quite only a little.


As you can observe, uDates is a pretty fake dating service, and even though no one is able to say that uDate is a scam or not, I’d suggest you stay away from it.

It isn’t validated and does not have any users Although its options and features may seem cool to you, it is best to skip it altogether and stick to other options for online dating.


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