When you look at the 2366, the new USS Organization-C came up out of a temporal crack

When you look at the 2366, the new USS Organization-C came up out of a temporal crack

When you look at the 2366, the new USS Organization-C came up out of a temporal crack

Borg Queen

In the 2063, in the Borg assault for the Company-Age, which had showed up about year 2373, Data are abducted because of the a good Borg drone. Struggling to assimilate brand new android os, the new Borg King attempted to bribe Investigation into the subservience through providing your alive skin instead of his polymer. Investigation starred together, with ideal sexual relations toward Borg King, exactly who desired him as the somebody to ease new loneliness out of their part because one person regarding Cumulative, Study essentially ‘replacing’ Locutus. Analysis sooner deceived the brand new Borg Queen, destroying their with warp system coolant, which also removed this new flesh she got grafted to him. The guy then admitted in order to Picard that part of your is actually still disappointed in the the woman death, listing one this lady bring to take your nearer to Humankind got temporarily attracted him (albeit just for 0.68 seconds, a span that, based on Data, equates – to have an android – to help you “nearly for years and years”). ( Celebrity Trip: First Contact )

Option facts and you will timelines

The disappearance on season 2344 brought about an adjusted timeline, where in fact the Federation is actually shedding a conflict contrary to the Klingons. Data had been the newest ship’s functions manager. ( TNG : ” Yesterday’s Company “)

Lieutenant Worf discovered a great quantum fissure and that brought about your to start moving on between quantum information from inside the 2370. A number of universes, Data was still the fresh Enterprise’s functions administrator, and you can attended a shock party to have Worf. For the at least one ones specifics, Data’s vision have been bluish in place of their feature reddish.

An additional reality, Research was still the fresh businesses administrator and you may second officer but was outranked because of the Leader Worf, exactly who served since ship’s earliest administrator less than Chief Riker, Picard being missing on Battle away from Wolf 359 inside 2367. This types of Data theorized which might possibly be you’ll in order to seal the fissure if the shuttlecraft Curie regarding the top truth re-entered brand new fissure and you can released a general spectrum warp occupation. Considering Head Picard, the data on the prie completion. The occurrences after the Worf’s stumble on had been erased in the schedule due to the fact fissure is actually shut. ( TNG : ” The thing is that “)

In the a not known, option future schedule, Research is a teacher (new Lucasian Professor out-of Mathematics) at Cambridge College and you may resided at the Isaac Newton’s house or apartment with a good housekeeper and many pets. Apparently inside future, he’d recognized the thought of laughs, saying that their housekeeper Jessel produced your make fun vietnamiennes rencontres revue of. At the same time, his relaxed message got way more nuance and you may inflection, and he seemed to have now conquer the utilization of contractions. He’d and colored section of his tresses gray when he considered that it produced your browse popular. However, Jessel is actually of one’s advice this produced your seem like good “soft skunk.” ( TNG : ” Most of the Nutrients. “)


  • Lt. Reginald Barclay inside 2366 reproduced no less than two Datas as he is actually struggling with holo-habits. You to system got Studies within the About three Musketeers, just like the other reproduced the whole staff of one’s Agency-D. That recreation of data are present when Barclay said good-bye to their dreams and you can erased the latest applications. ( TNG : ” Empty Activities “)
  • Barash recreated the entire command crew of Firm-D during the 2367 into Leader Onias III to save Commander Riker indeed there. This sport taken place during the a beneficial 2383 where Study ended up being marketed to Frontrunner together with get to be the basic manager. ( TNG : ” Coming Imperfect “)
  • A pc malfunction agreeable the USS Organization-D once the holo contributed to all the emails using up the look of Studies in the 2369. ( TNG : ” A Fistful of Datas “)


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