How can you state “you” within the Hungarian?

How can you state “you” within the Hungarian?

How can you state “you” within the Hungarian?

The phrase for “you” during the Hungarian try “te”. It is a personal pronoun that is used to deal with some one the speaker understands really, instance a buddy, family member, otherwise mate. It can also be regularly address an individual who is actually known, such as for example an instructor, mentor, otherwise authority profile. Whenever addressing several people, the brand new plural function “ti” is used.

How will you say “in” for the Hungarian?

So it term can be used in various situations, similar to the word “in” is utilized inside the English. Instance, in such a way “I am at home” or “She is regarding the vehicles”.

“Benne” can also be used to suggest that anything is roofed or contains inside something else. By way of example, you might say “The ebook is in the box” otherwise “The secret is within the envelope”.

Whenever found in conjunction with a period keyword, “benne” plays the definition off “within”. Very, you might state “The newest conference is actually half-hour” or “I am household into the five full minutes”.

Finally, “benne” can also be used to indicate course toward one thing. Eg, in a way “I am going within the” otherwise “Are located in”.

How will you say “Hungarian” into the Hungarian?

Hungarian try another type of vocabulary in ways. It is not related to your almost every other biggest vocabulary members of the family, and its particular closest household members is Finnish and you will Estonian. It is very mostly of the languages which have a faithful case system. Because of this all of the word has a certain stop based on its character about sentence, such as for instance whether it is the niche or object.

Hungarian features fourteen times as a whole – cuatro more than Finnish and you will Estonian. This may search challenging in order to learners, however in fact the additional times make Hungarian a lot more versatile and expressive than simply their nearby relatives.

The latest Hungarian word having ‘Hungarian’ is magyar. Which word is derived from title of your old Magyar somebody, who had been the first to accept on region which is today Hungary. The escort in Buffalo phrase ‘magyar’ may be used as both a good noun and you can an adjective, and has now a number of different endings based on the role regarding phrase.

How will you state “say” from inside the Hungarian?

The brand new Hungarian keyword for “say” are mond. The word mond can be used each other since an excellent verb and you can a great noun. Such, you are able to mond to express “We say” otherwise “he states”, but you can additionally use they to say “just what he says” otherwise “this new operate off claiming”.

The term mond comes from the Latin phrase mundus, for example “world” or “universe”. The definition of mundus eventually turned mond inside the Hungarian. The definition of mond has been around use in Hungarian once the 13th 100 years.

The definition of mond can be conjugated to complement other tenses. Such, today’s stressful conjugation regarding mond would be mondok, meaning that “I say”. For the last demanding conjugation off mond might possibly be mondtam, and therefore “We told you”.

The expression mond may also be used combined with almost every other terms which will make various other definition. Such, the expression mondhat is actually an excellent verb which means “so that you can say” or “to be allowed to state”. Various other analogy ‘s the word elmond, which means that “to share with” or “so you can relate”.

The bottom line is, the Hungarian keyword having “say” are mond. The definition of mond can be used since the one another an effective verb and you may a great noun. The definition of mond has been doing include in Hungarian just like the 13th 100 years. The expression mond is conjugated to suit various other tenses. The word mond may also be used along with most other terms and conditions to manufacture different meaning.


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