In line with the literary works, i asked zero high sex variations in victimization otherwise perpetration out of psychological ADV (10)

In line with the literary works, i asked zero high sex variations in victimization otherwise perpetration out of psychological ADV (10)

In line with the literary works, i asked zero high sex variations in victimization otherwise perpetration out of psychological ADV (10)

The purpose of today’s analysis was to offer data into the the newest frequency and you can attributes regarding ADV during the a great Danish early teenage test. According to early in the day findings away from ADV inside the European countries (twenty six, 40), we requested one to mental, physical, and intimate different ADV would also feel prevalent certainly Danish teens, one to mental ADV would be usual than physical ADV and that physical DV could well be usual than simply sexual ADV. Centered on an extremely scarce and combined database away from ADV when you look at the early adolescence (fifteen, 23, 24), i failed to mode then hypotheses away from frequency in the present analysis. I desired to look at the intercourse variations in reference to one another victimization and you may perpetration of all the three categories of ADV, plus regards to the latest co-thickness out of ADV spots and you can ADV versions. On the other hand, we requested a high frequency out of intimate ADV victimization among the many ladies and a higher frequency from sexual ADV perpetration one of the people (12). By the incongruent nature of research to your actual ADV, we didn’t means one hypotheses out-of this form of ADV (41). Predicated on recent browse findings (twenty five, 27, 38), we anticipated to get a hold of an excellent co-density off ADV opportunities and ADV versions. Additionally, we likely to find some sex type on these overlaps.


The analysis is actually approved by the Danish Studies Safety Company (j. no. 2013-41-2505). The information collection is actually conducted out-of . The present studies is part of a more impressive analysis exploring ADV in early puberty.


So you’re able to recruit people, the Danish public and private number 1 schools which have seventh-degrees youngsters (1116 public colleges and 380 personal universities) had been called through post, discussing the aim and you may process of the analysis. Brand new schools got a one-week observe to react. When we don’t found a reply, for every university try called as much as 4 times, because of the both age-post and you may cell phone. A maximum of 86 universities (5.7%) made a decision to take part in the current investigation. Main reason offered having non-contribution are the deficiency of tips due to this new utilization of a thorough university reform at most recent go out. Total, it was the general perception that the universities with more information (day smart and you will administratively) have been prone to take part which means there may be an effective tendency towards the so much more well-functioning colleges and you may youngsters in the present investigation. not, we have no analysis to confirm it impact.

Of the college students have been as part of the establish data (N = 2910), 78% (n = 2272) visited public colleges and you may twenty two% (letter = 638) went along to individual schools. That is suitable for the actual national shipping from pupils in the societal and private colleges, which is 82% and 18%, correspondingly (43). The area shipping of the investigation attempt varies somewhat about real national shipments away from 7th-stages college students. Desk ? Table1 step one depicts the distinctions between the study shot therefore the genuine federal shipments.

Dining table step 1.

In the playing universities, an elizabeth-post is taken to the mothers, informing her or him regarding the studies point, articles, and procedure of data range. College authorities agreed to allow it to be college students to participate, in addition to, agreement are attained to make use of opt-away parental consent having teenagers. Ergo, parents was in fact necessary to publish back participation models within 14 days only if it did not wanted the youngster to join.

The main teacher inside the for each group presented new survey. Up until the research, new professor gotten created instructions about how to carry out the newest survey. Into questionnaire day, the goal of the study try explained to the students, and so they have been expected to sit on their own with the intention that anybody else couldn’t discover its solutions. Simultaneously, the young have been advised they’d suitable to not ever participate once they did not wish to. Adopting the people had done the newest questionnaires, new professor put her or him during the a box and you will closed it into the front of the classification. Moreover, the brand new professor given out information about helplines and other related contacts on youngsters, but if it considered embarrassing or necessary anyone to communicate with immediately following completing this new questionnaire.


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