From humble beginnings in 2008, Solar Leading has grown to become one of the top manufacturers of PV cells, modules and complete solar power systems in China. Today we produce 600MW of solar capacity from two manufacturing sites in China and export all over the world. What is more, our solar engineers have been busy installing this capacity in commercial systems and solar power plants. So far they have delivered full EPC implementation on five continents. We are driven by a desire to help people take control of their own power needs by delivering the tools and knowledge needed to generate cheap, clean electricity from the sun. We have taken the time to establish a robust foundation based on quality and transparency so that we can continue to grow into the best solar solution provider in China.

Our Services

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  1. 2014 Financial Statement

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     2014 Financial Statement

    Solar Leading abbreviated financial statements 2014.

  2. 2013 Financial Statement

     2013 Financial Statement

    Solar Leading abbreviated financial statements 2013.

  3. 2012 Financial Statement

    2012 Financial Statement

    Solar Leading abbreviated financial statements 2012.

  4. 2011 Financial Statement

     2011 Financial Statement

    Solar Leading abbreviated financial statements 2011.

Our Vision

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Brief History of Our Company


Manufactured 600MW of solar capacity.


Support Centers established in Denmark and Germany.


Partner with Jieyang Zhongcheng Solar Group.


First solar power plant constructed, 4MW in Thiland.


First manufacturing site established in Guangdong, China.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Tracy Du Zengqin
Sales Adviser
Tracy brings experience in customer relations from previous work in international sales. She is happy to help you find the right product for your solar project and help you ship it anywhere in the world.
Bryan Shan Peng
Sales Adviser
Bryan is our newest sales adviser. He has extensive experience exporting from China and is definitely the man to ask any questions about shipping and logistics.
Allen Wang Yi
System Designer
Allen oversees our solar design team. He is responsible for working with clients to create the best solar solution for their needs. He is able to draw on his experience as a quality engineer in our Guangdong factory to ensure that every system is designed and delivered to the highest possible standard.
Brandy Wu Shanshan
Sales Manger
Brandy is the most experienced member of our sales team. She has delivered custom solar products to five continents. Get in touch to discuss any custom specifications you need to meet.
Jet Fang Qijie Jet Fang Qijie
Commercial Sales Director
Jet has brought considerable experience from the construction industry to his role as sales director for commercial and utility projects. Get in touch to find out how you can reduce your business costs with solar power.
Rocky Ma Fangda
Rocky has been serving customers all over the world for over ten years. He is motivated by a passion to help more people connect to affordable and renewable solar power.
We employ over 600 staff around the world, representing a wide range of skills, among them electronic engineering, project management, process development, quality assurance, logistics and customer service. What unites us is the vision of a fully renewable future and the core company values of integrity and attention to detail.
In 2014, our fully mechanized ISO 9001 manufacturing lines output 600MW of clean solar power capacity. This was produced across four robotic soldering lines and ten fully automated lay up and lamination lines. Even though this represents our highest annual output to date it has not stopped us setting even higher targets for next year.
800Projects Installed
Over the same period, our engineers implemented over 800MW in utility solar power plants around the world. Many of these have already been commissioned and have started to supply cheap, clean solar electricity to everyday homes and businesses through their existing power lines.
We are proud to have supplied customers in over forty countries across five continents. These include wholesalers, installers, engineers, businessmen and investors. Our mission is to help expand affordable solar power into every country of the world.

What They Are Saying