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    1. What does photovoltaic (PV) mean?

    2. How do solar panels work?

    3. What other components do I need to build a solar power system?

    4. What are the benefits of installing solar panels?

    5. What is the difference between Mono and Poly Crystalline Solar Panels?

    6. What is the difference between Grid Tie and Off Grid Systems? Which Do I need?

    7. What do I need to know before I install solar panels in my home or business?

    8. How will I get electricity at night?

    9. Do I need battery backup for my solar panels?

    10. Will my system produce backup electricity in a blackout?

      Not usually. In most countries on grid solar power systems are required to stop producing electricity in the case of a mains power failure. This is to protect the repair workers and speed up reconnection for everyone. Areas with regular power failures may consider upgrading their systems with backup batteries or generators.
    11. Can I use photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to power my home?

    12. Can I use a photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to power my business?

    13. How much electricity will my solar panels generate?

    14. How do I know if I have enough sunlight for solar PV panels?

    15. Where can I find someone who designs, installs, and maintains solar panels?

    16. Can I use solar panels heat my swimming pool?

    17. Can I use solar panels to power agricultural water pumps?

    18. Can solar panels power all of my normal 120v/240v appliances?

    19. Will solar pv panels work in my location?

    20. Are the panels fragile?

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    Maintenance and Weather
    1. What kind of maintenance is required on my panels?

    2. Will my modules work in bad weather?

    3. Do solar panels work in cold climates?

    4. How will snow affect my panels performance?

    5. Will my pv panels withstand bad weather and storms?

    6. Will my panels produce any electricity on a cloudy day?

    7. Will shade affect the performance of my pv panels?

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    1. Do you ship to my country?

    2. How are modules protected during shipping?

    3. How are modules protected during shipping?

      • – per module
      • – per 20ft shipping container
      • – per 40ft shipping container

      Orders below the minimum order quantity (MOQ) will be charged a one-off sample fee.
      Please ask one of our team for current price information at

    4. What are your payment terms?