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How to Install Your Solar LED Garden Lights

Here’ s a video we put together to help you install our Solar LED Garden Lights.

The full instructions are written out below. We hope you find this useful, let us know in the comments if you still have any questions.


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Components List

When you take your light out of the box you are going find four pieces:
1. A galvanized aluminum arm or bracket.
2. The LED and battery housing
3. a clear plastic lamp cover; and:
4. The solar panel and connector cable

There are also going to be some small bolts in the box that you are going to need to assemble the light.


Start by inserting the LED and Battery housing into the aluminum arm and fixing it in with the short bolts provided. There’s no need to tighten these completely at this stage as you are going to need them a little bit loose to adjust the angle of the solar panel later.

Next, you can attach the solar panel to the led and battery housing using the longer bolts provided. These can also be left finger tight until you have set the angle of the solar panel.

Then, you can carefully screw on the plastic lamp cover and attach the solar panel cable to the led and battery housing. To do this push it in firmly and screw the collar clockwise, as shown in the video.

Once you have got to this stage, the lamp is ready to be fitted wherever you need it to go. This can be on a wall, on a pole or a lamp post. Just make sure that there aren’t any large trees nearby in your garden or tall buildings that may prevent the sun from getting to the panel at any point in the day because it needs at least six hours of direct sunlight per day to charge the battery.

Also, bear in mind that the light should be installed two to four meters from the ground and at least eight meters from other motion sensor lights, for best performance from the motion sensor.

Last of all adjust the solar panel so that it is facing the midday sun and tighten up all of the bolts.

That is really all there is to it. The solar panel and battery will provide all of the power required so there is no need for any wiring at all.

If you found this video useful, please be sure to give us a ‘like’ so we can make some more, and if you still have any questions, you can download the full installation manual on the Solar Garden Lights page, or leave a comment below.