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NEET Preparation Tips NEET UG 2020 Exam Cracking Easy Funda

“I went to a private tuition centre in Baramulla in Class 11 but then COVID-19 lockdown happened. I saw many students have studied from YouTube and cracked NEET, so I thought why can’t I do it. I then studied from YouTube channels and other online platforms,” Khan said. Is what differentiates us from all other test series.

how to crack neet by self study

If you are get some valuable information then you will comment below and share with your friend to know all about NEET Exam. If you have any query about anything then contact us to fill contact form. If you are perform well on this 3 step properly, then you will get good result. The NEET syllabus is divided in 3 subject such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and further Biology is divided in to 2 part as Botany and Zoology.


Along with concepts it is very important to be able to apply the formula. On a daily basis, 2-3 hours of study of biology is a must. 9) Do all the 3 subjects each day rather than focusing on only one. mystudyguru.in 8) You must make a list of topics before you sleep, that you would do the next day, and keep crossing out the topics when you complete them. 2) Prepare a list of weak topics of all the 3 subjects.


Usually, most students feel Physics to be the toughest among all three. Know the basics of acing the exams, stick to them, and practise them over and over. In other words, just gaining mastery over the limited steps is enough. This means you have to practise everything repeatedly. There are approximately 20 days, and you have to complete all 98 chapters in those days at least once.

Although NCERT at Fingertips is a good book but as per my personal experiances, the level of question is not of the level of NEET. The better option is to Study and Learn NCERT thoroughy and revice previous years paper and sample paper of NEET. 5) You must not waste your time doing MCQ’s of biology. Cover up the theory first and then do some previous year questions for gaining confidence. The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET-UG) is the examination conducted for aspirants seeking admission to undergraduate MBBS/BDS courses all over India.

Is it possible to crack NEET by self study?

There is no change in the NEET 2020 syllabus by NTA. The NEET 2020 Question Paper will be based on a common syllabus notified by the NMC after review of various State syllabi as well as those prepared by CBSE, NCERT and COBSE. Be well-versed with NEET syllabus and exam format. Once you have solved the example problems, compare your solution with that given in the book . The chapters which are very important during the phase of preparation are comprised under the do or die chapters for NEET.

There is a relaxation of five years for SC, ST and PWD candidates. You should consider specialized coaching; in which case, Amster Academy offers the most professional IIT JEE coaching for IIT aspirants. Most people prepare for two years to take the IIT-JEE examination. We have a systematic testing system whiich helps us assess the knowledge attained by our students and identify the areas of improvement. The Amster Academy system functions in a transparent manner and parents can easily track their ward’s performance and attendance in the class.